How Silence Can help you Create Happiness And Success

Like many other people I have spoke with, have you noticed how great ideas find a way to come to you while you are in the shower, laying in bed or when you are out for a relaxing walk? The answer is easy: Silence takes up residence the mind. When in a state of undisturbed silence, the mind calms down and its power of creativity becomes higher.

But besides the imagination and a sense of calm and wellbeing that silence brings is the ability to discover self Silencil.

Self-discovery is an act of connecting to the deeper and bigger part of you. The objective of this is to gain deeper perspective, awareness and full consciousness of one’s own personality, attitude and behaviours. And silence is the perfect environment for unleashing these vital phenomena.

Why Bother?

Now, maybe you are asking this question right now: Why do I have to bother about self-discovery? You certainly to bother at all for anything. But if you desire to get along with others, discover your greatest strengths, overcome your weak points, learn the best way to survive adversities, realize why you react in a certain way and fulfill your the greatest potential in life, you will need to study self-discovery.

Self-discovery is the key to self-actualisation. It is a place where you grow, learn, find braveness, develop pleasing personality, and most significantly hook up to the spiritual part of yourself : that is necessary to your peace, happiness and true fulfillment in life.

But here is the reason for this article: Self-discovery rarely occurs in an atmosphere of chaos, tension and uneasyness. If you want to go deeper into the world within you, you will need to go shallower into the world around you. You will have to become comfortable in your own company and access the capability of true silence.

True silence never focuses on evil, negative thinking, or self-deprecation (an act of belittling or undervaluing oneself). Rather it just attaches for this and sets in undisturbed peace. It demonstrates on the past, not with apprehension, but only with appreciation. Regardless of the nature of the past, true silence breathes in and out deeply with gratitude, as it extracts the wisdom trapped in its past.

Also, true silence imagines the future with delightful anticipation. It visualises all its desires and goals as already happened. It enjoys the great feelings of all his dreams in their fully completed states.

True silence is energy; it draws you into the depth of your being. And if tarried in it for long, it moves you into the place of robust self-awareness : a unique kind of self-evaluation process which you can never get in any other environment.

Silence shares, much louder than anyone you know. The deeper you go into silence, the louder its voice becomes. While, the voice of silence can be uncomfortable initially, its effect is relaxing, issuing and can be life changing.

Are you comfortable in silence? Or do you try your best to get rid of silence as quickly as possible by turning on the TV, the air, the ipod devices, or your CD player, even when you know you do not need them on.

Your success in life can literally be determined by your ability to embrace silence.

Here are nine actions you can take to make use of the capability of true silence for self-discovery and personal success:

9 Actions you can take To harness the capability of Silence for Happiness & Success

1. Accept and believe that silence is your friend, and not your attacker. Before you believe that silence will strengthen you and not weaken you, you cannot enjoy its benefits.

2. Reserve at least 5 minutes early in the morning to imagine a great day ahead of you.

3. At night before going to bed, reserve at least another 5 minutes to reflect on the day you have had. Look for what you can learn and your skill better another day.

4. Allow at least the first 2 minute to calm your brain. Just stay relaxed in one place and focus on your breathing. You become relaxed, as your brain eventually calms down from the business and the concerns of the day.

5. Always focus on the benefits. When the negative thoughts come along, just give it time to fade as naturally as possible.

6. Practice visualisation. If you have any project or activity in the day worth considering your very best performance, think of yourself as already executed it perfectly. For example, if you are to write an test, think of yourself as composed, relaxed and extremely smart, with a brilliant retentive memory. See yourself walking out of the test room very happy and confident that you have passed the test.

7. Practice true silence daily for at least twenty one days. Do not miss any day. Do it repeatedly for three weeks until a great habit of silence exists. This will serve you very well all your life.

8. Increase your true silence moments as you are more comfortable with enjoying your own company in an atmosphere of peace.

9. Take pressing issues into your true silence moments. Never rush into making vital decisions. Harness the capability of your true silence to gain clearer viewpoints and make better decisions. Here is something to beware of in this process. Never start your true silence with a problem to be resolved. First, observe all the above steps before bringing into the table of your mind the problem that needs clearing up. By this time your creative mind is preparing to navigate you to solutions.