Fresh Breeze Oscillating Tower system Fan Review

The Honeywell Fresh Snap Tower system Fan is known for its quiet turbo wind generator cutting blades. The turbo wind generator cutting blades are able to move more air through the room when compared to the typical fan cutting blades. You are able to instantly feel the difference in the venting between the two cutting blades Breeze Maxx.

Along with the powerful Turbo Wind generator Cutting blades the Oscillating Function Pushes the air in a more expansive range making for a much cooler room.

Products Features are:
There are 3 speeds-from low to high according to your taste.
A Timer function that sets for 1-12 hour shut-off times, for your Convenience. You can turn the fan on set the timer while not having to Worry about it being on all day or night. This is a great energy saver.
A Remote control with a built-in flashlight for your convenience At night time..
An electric LCD display with easy touch button control. Making it obvious what temperature you want it at.
Gleam Programmable Thermostat that harmonizes with the Electronic LCD control.
It has a washable air conditioner filter, which is very easy to remove and replace. Also making it perfect for allergy symptom sufferers. Making it possible to control Some of the dust/pollen in the air.
This awesome fan Oscillates the air creating a more expansive distribution of the air.
The Dimensions for the Fresh Snap Tower system Fan are: 10. 8 inches tall wide By 32. 8 inches tall tall. A real space saver.
The weight is 12. 1 pounds making it easy to move from room to room As it is needed.

Periodically the air conditioning just is not enough. Then Periodically all you need is a little cool air from a fan.

It is really nice to have this quiet Fresh Snap Tower system Fan moving air at night while you are sleeping. Making for a nice cool relaxing sleep.

The Remote control has a good feature in that it has a built-in flashlight. A convenient feature to have at night. Not having to get up or turn the Light on. Just grab the Remote to turn the fan off or change the Setting. Or maybe just use as a soft light to see by.

Set the Programmable Thermostat to turn off at 2 up to 8 hour durations. Making it possible to leave and not worry about it running all day While you are out.

The air Filter is a great feature for everyone, and especially the allergy symptom sufferers. It is very easy to clean, just input it under hot running water. You will instantly Observe much dust and pollen this filter accumulates. You will be amazed when you See what is in the air.